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1 Getting the Most out of the Book

Textbooks are written for specific audiences. This book introduces the social work profession to two different groups of people. First, students consid- ering social work will find this text engaging as they learn about the exciting career options available. Social work is a dynamic, international profession that offers nearly unlimited opportunities to make a tangible difference in the lives of people all over the world. This book provides the foundation for students embarking on the profession. Second, students from other majors taking an introductory social work course as an elective will also find the book useful. Regardless of academic or future professional interests, it is quite possible that students will interact with social workers at some point in their lives. The book provides such students an overview of what they can expect from competently prepared social workers. Understanding the flow of content in the book is central to getting the most out of the information. This chapter presents an overview of the cen- tral purposes of the book, introduces students to the case-​based learning (CBL) method of instruction, lays out the organization of the chapters, and describes the contents included in the accompanying website made avail- able with the text.

WhyThis Book?

A career in social work offers a broad spectrum of possibilities. Working to improve the lives of children, adolescents, adults, and older adults is all pos- sible with a social work degree. Serving in a government, nonprofit, private, domestic, or international setting is all possible with a social work degree. Working directly with individuals and families, in administration, or to in- fluence policy is all possible with a social work degree. If you’re interested in making a positive contribution or difference in the world, becoming

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