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Chapter 5: Drawing

Discussion Board Prompts:

1. Have students watch the How Art Matters video on Pablo Picasso’s Guernica drawings (https://oup-arc.com/access/content/gordon-student-resources/gordon-chapter-5-how-art- matters-video?previousFilter=tag_chapter-05) and set up a discussion with several of these questions from the Instructor’s Manual:

o Why was it better for Picasso to create the drawings before creating his painting? o Why is it better for us to see the drawings along with the painting? o In what ways are Picasso’s drawings a good model for the work that we do in our everyday lives? o What types of drawing materials did Picasso use, and how were they different in terms of their appearance and the way Picasso was able to use them? o What effect do the lines, shapes, textures, tones, and colors have on you and how do they make you feel? o How does Picasso develop the imagery to communicate his ideas? What is difference between the drawings in the chapter and the final painting?

When assigned in your learning management system or Dashboard, this video is also accompanied by several brief, auto-graded multiple-choice questions.

2. Assign discussion groups to work on the Chapter 5 Explore Art Matters activity in which students consider what the nature of drawing is considering Roman Verostko’s Floating Cloud (h22b) (https://oup-arc.com/access/content/gordon-student-resources/gordon-


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